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How Should I Prepare My House Before Selling It?

The amount of preparation needed to sell a house depends greatly on which method you intend to use for the sale process. If you use a regular realtor, it will take much more work than selling it to a real estate investor.

When Using a Realtor

Selling via a realtor often involves plenty of work, though the amount will depend on the starting condition of the house. You will need to clean out the house, fix all major problems, and possibly, set the house up for staging. You will also need to tend to the landscape.

To get the highest possible price, you will need to clean the house completely and fix all problems rather than just the major ones. This can be very time-consuming, and if extensive repairs are needed, it will be costly.

Repairs and touch-ups don’t just apply to the inside. The house’s curb appeal, or how good it looks from the outside, is also crucial. You may need to repaint the house, repaint or replace the garage door, or make other upgrades to get your house to be appealing at first glance.

Staging a house involves setting up demonstration furniture and accents to create a highly appealing look. This is most common in higher-end homes, so if yours is within this category, you should expect to do it.

The landscape is another factor to consider. There’s usually no need to put in a whole new landscape, but everything should be well-trimmed, and the lawn should be freshly mowed before the house is shown. The extensiveness of the landscape requirements depends on the neighborhood.

There’s a good reason realtors want all of this done: They sell homes to retail customers, which is to say, they market directly to the final buyers. Therefore, the product – your house – should be as appealing to regular home buyers as possible.

When Selling to a Real Estate Investor

The amount of work you absolutely must do drops to zero by selling directly to a real estate investor, also known as a cash home buyer or even a wholesaler. Investors often buy homes intending to renovate or remodel them according to their own plans, so anything you do might end up being torn out anyway.

These investors buy houses in literally any condition. You don’t have to clean out your unwanted house, fix its structure, or improve its landscape. All you need to do is accept the offer and collect your cash. It’s the easiest way to sell a house fast that there is.

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Homeowners sometimes wonder what does after repair value means in terms of return on investment. It’s not uncommon to conduct due diligence about upgrades focused on real estate values. Although house flippers employ this concept, it’s also applicable to people planning to sell a property and take advantage of the hot Spokane, WA, market. By understanding how after repair value affects listing prices and offers, sellers can better position themselves.

What Does After Repair Value Mean to Sellers?

After repair value involves the change in anticipated value following the completion of property enhancements. House-selling resources often highlight the return on investment for renovations such as kitchen upgrades, expansive bathrooms, roof repairs, decks, and additions. Unlike these measures, after repair value references tangible real estate data that includes the following:

  • Age of house or commercial building
  • Usable square footage and acreage
  • Home or commercial building style
  • Age of the structure
  • Building and landscape condition

This information is generally weighed against what real estate professionals call “comps.” That means “comparable properties” in the immediate area or “location.” It’s also important for sellers to understand that comps do not usually consider the listing prices of other similar properties. Instead, they consider hard data gained from actual sales. The trick is to upgrade a property to mirror or exceed those selling above yours, given its current condition.

What Does After Repair Value Mean to Spokane Sellers?

If you are among the Spokane area residents hoping to turn a profit by selling during the hot real estate market, after repair value strategies can prove valuable. Real estate professionals often review three to six properties that sold during the previous three months. If making upgrades ranks yours among the best-selling similar properties in Spokane, you could earn top-dollar.

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Spokane, Valley

Spokane Valley, Washington is part of Spokane County. It is located on both sides of the Spokane River, between Idaho and Spokane. The Selkirk Mountains form the valley’s northern and southern boundaries. It is the largest suburb of Spokane, and uniquely, it surrounds another city – Millville – on three sides. It was incorporated as a city in March 2003. Before that, it was simply unincorporated urbanized areas. The motivation for incorporation was a perceived threat of annexation by Spokane. Residents wanted to retain a larger voice in local governance, which such an annexation would have prevented. It was the third-largest newly incorporated city in the history of the United States.

Prior to World War II, the Spokane Valley area had been largely rural, with farms and orchards being predominant. The population increased during the War thanks to the desire to escape the then-present blight in the more urban areas, urban crowding, and increasing industrialization. Since then, more stores and other businesses have followed the population outwards, making it a city in its own right.

Notably, unincorporated areas around the City of Spokane Valley are still referred to as “Spokane Valley.” Therefore, the name is often used to refer to the area in general, and not just the city.

Emergency Services

The Spokane Valley Police Department.

It is a contracting division of the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, and Spokane Valley is the sheriff’s office’s largest city. Spokane Valley Precinct deputies wear distinctive patrol cars and coats with a Spokane Valley Police Department badge.

The Spokane Valley Fire Department.

Seven of the SVFD’s fire stations are in Spokane Valley, with the remaining three in Liberty Lake, Millwood, and Otis Orchards. In 2022, an eighth fire station serving Spokane Valley is scheduled to open.


The Central Valley School District, West Valley School District, East Valley School District, and a section of western Spokane Valley are among the school systems that represent the Spokane Valley. Valley Christian School, St. John Vianney School, The Oaks Classical Christian Academy, among others, are among the private schools in the area.


The Spokane Valley Heritage Museum, housed in the historic Opportunity Township Hall, first opened its doors on August 18, 2005. The museum’s mission is to gather, conserve, and display Spokane Valley’s history and culture. The museum has film and paper collections as well as public displays.