When searching for homes on the internet, you may have come across listings that read “cash only” in the description section. You might have wondered what this even means and why people would sell their homes to cash buyers. The following includes three reasons why someone might sell for cash only to a cash buyer. Perhaps, by reading these three reasons, you might realize the benefits of selling your own home this way.

Quick Relocation

One of the perks of selling your home to a cash buyer is that the process is usually much faster than selling your home the traditional way (i.e. through a realtor or online listing service). Therefore, it is extremely helpful for those who need to move out fast for whatever reason. For example, if you sell your home to a home buying company, the company will assess the worth of the home and offer you a deal—of which you can accept or not. If you accept the deal, the home buying company can then quickly hand you the money so that you can make a speedy transition.


If you have inherited a property from a deceased person, you may be at a loss for what to do with it. Furthermore, if you are in a state of mourning, you may not want to have to deal with the sudden hassle of having to sell the home the traditional way. Therefore, selling to a cash buyer can save you the stress of worrying about the home. In a couple of weeks, you could have the property off your hands and a pocket full of quick cash instead—which can also be helpful for funeral costs.

Impending Foreclosure

Many people know what it is like to go through a period of financial difficulty. If you are in a state of financial stress and are struggling to make payments on your mortgage, you may be at risk of foreclosure. Rather than suffer all the consequences involved in a foreclosure, you could sell your home for cash to an investor or home buying company. That way, you can at least walk away from the home with something in the bank.

While a home can be a great asset, it can also turn into a liability. Choosing to sell your home for cash only to a cash buyer (like a home buying company) can be a great way to eliminate that liability and receive some benefits in return. Therefore, if you have found yourself in any of these situations, you may want to consider choosing this route when selling your home.

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