When the real estate market slows down, you may find it much more difficult to sell your home. It sits online, with the days just ticking up and up on the counter for the number of days on the market, causing you more stress and making you wonder whether or not it is worth it. While it won’t be easy, there are a few things you can do to stand out in a slower market.

Be Unique

Every home has something that makes it unique, something that brings it value that other homes don’t have or don’t do as well as your home. This is the perfect time to showcase that. The unique features of your home will attract buyers much faster than a generic listing will. Make sure to include pictures and a description that paint your home in the best light and help highlight these features. Make sure that anyone viewing your home is made aware of them. You need to be your home’s hype man right now.

Ease Up on Demands

Slow markets tend to have a surplus of homes and a lack of serious buyers. In this situation, if you are making a lot of demands as the seller, any buyers you do manage to attract are much more likely to walk away and find someone that they think is easier to work with. That doesn’t mean you have to sell your home below market value, but you may need to make more compromises. You may need to throw in some perks, be willing to perform some repairs, be flexible on the moveout date, or take on a few more closing costs. Just make sure that when you are easing up that you don’t paint yourself into a corner. You need to be willing to compromise, not become a doormat.

Work With a Cash Buyer

One thing that stays pretty consistent, even in a slow real estate market, is that you can sell your home to a cash buyer. Not only does this give you a guaranteed sale and money to start on the next steps of your life, but it also frees you up from negotiating, hyping your home up, and any number of other things that can make selling your home stressful. Cash home-buying companies are a reliable way to get a good price on your home and move through the sales process quickly.

Slow markets don’t mean impossible to sell, they simply mean more work for you as the homeowner. If you are looking to avoid this, now is the time to start researching your local cash home-buying company.

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