Falling behind on your mortgage payments often adds more stress to an already difficult situation. Instead of waiting for your lender to begin foreclosure proceedings, you might be thinking about selling your house and downsizing to something more affordable for your current situation. Selling your house for cash might be a good solution.

Avoid Foreclosure

Before starting foreclosure, your mortgage lender will send you a letter of default and give you a chance to catch up with your payments. If you don’t make the missed payments by the deadline, usually 120 days, they will take possession of your house.

To avoid losing the money you’ve already invested in your home, you may consider selling, but you have to do it quickly. A traditional sale could take months, but if you sell to a cash buyer, you could finish the sale within a week or so, well before your deadline.

Avoid the Expense of Selling

Another advantage of a cash sale is that you can avoid the expenses involved in a traditional sale. These include the cost of repairing the house and preparing it for showings, commission costs, and closing costs.

There’s also the cost of waiting for an offer. During that time, you will still have to pay utilities and taxes, and the debt from your missed payments on your mortgage will continue to accrue. A cash sale ends all those expenses quickly.

Get Cash Quickly

Time is of the essence if you’re threatened with foreclosure. That’s why many people at this point opt for a cash sale. You can have a fair offer on your property within 24 hours, and you can usually close within a week or so.

There may be legal requirements to satisfy, so if you plan a cash sale, check with your mortgage lender first, especially if you think your proceeds won’t be able to satisfy your debt. Lenders need to approve a “short sale.”

If you’re worried about foreclosure, you should consider all your options, and selling your house for cash may be one of them. You can get cash for your home within a week or so, and without any added expenses or wait time. Learn more about what’s involved and see if it’s right for you.

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