Selling your home can be a complicated process, especially if you are new to the real estate game. There are a lot of legal requirements, negotiations, and other things to deal with. Most people will tell you that you need a realtor for this process, but is that actually true?

Purpose of a Realtor

Realtors specialize in helping you buy or sell your property. They know the ins and outs of the process, and they have access to resources that you won’t get on your own. If you are planning to list your home, you may need a realtor to have access to all of the sites you want to use. They also field the offers you receive, represent you during negotiations, and make sure that all of your little details are taken care of. Essentially, their job is to make the process easier for you, and in turn, you pay them a 5-8% commission on the sale of your home.

How to Sell Your Home on Your Own

If you are more familiar with real estate or paying the commission fee just doesn’t seem like something you want to do, it is possible to sell your home on your own. You should make sure to do enough research to feel comfortable with the process before you start, but there are plenty of resources online, and you can even connect with other people who have sold their own homes. If you don’t want to worry about the stress of the housing market, you can skip the traditional sales process altogether and sell your home to a cash home-buying company. Not only do you not need a realtor for that, but the process is very straightforward.

Benefits of Working Without a Realtor

The biggest benefit of not working with a realtor is that you don’t have to pay them a commission on whatever price you end up selling your home for. The commission that realtors charge tends to be the most expensive part of selling your home, so this is a great feature. Additionally, if you sell your home to a cash home-buying company, you also don’t have to worry about repairs, buyer financing falling through, or any of the other concerns that usually come with selling a home. You just sign the paperwork, get the cash, and walk away.

Just because everyone says you need a realtor doesn’t mean that you actually do. In some cases, it may even be to your benefit to sell your home all on your own. Make sure to pay attention to your individual circumstances and what is best for you, not what other people say.

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