No way Jose (don’t tell our painter we used his name). We will not lowball you for 2 reasons. 1. It goes against our core values that we’re here to serve and help you. 2. Ever heard the quote if you don’t run your business like a business you’ll go out of business? We might be able to flip 2-3 homes a year if we duped some homeowners and lowballed the.

We buy roughly 50 homes a year, we are a volume business. It’s in our best interest, and yours, if we give you a FAIR offer that we all win with. Then we rinse and repeat and help the next home owner.

We aren’t going to pull the wool over your eyes and say we can pay full market value for your home. Nobody can do that and be able to make a profit unfortunately. But we are a lean, efficient and well established business that has a proven method, enabling us to offer higher offers than almost any other similar company.