In an ideal situation, you place your house on the market, get a swift offer for more than you asked, and close for a tidy sum. But not all situations are ideal. Many people have homes that are hard to sell because of their condition or location. In those cases, a direct-to-buyer home sale may be what you need.

Can’t Afford Repairs

Maintenance on a home can be expensive, and if you’ve had some financial problems, it’s possible you haven’t kept up with home repairs as needed. Now that you’re ready to sell, the bill for fixing up the home could be more than you can afford. This is also a common situation with inherited homes.

If you can’t afford to make repairs, a sale to a cash buying company may be right for you. These direct buyers will purchase your home in its present condition and will never require you to make or pay for repairs. Since your home isn’t marketed to the public, there is no need to impress potential buyers.

House Is Slow to Sell

Some homeowners want a direct-to-buyer sale because they need to sell quickly. Maybe their home has already been on the market for some time, with no takers. Homes in poor condition or located in undesirable areas may be slow to attract buyers. Meanwhile, your future plans are delayed and the bills keep piling up.

Selling directly to a cash buying company speeds up the sale considerably. You can get an offer in a day or two after contacting the buyer. Then, you can usually set a closing date within a week or so.

Too Expensive to Close

Closing costs are another factor that make a direct-to-buyer sale attractive. Since cash home buying companies don’t market your home or employ salespeople, there is no commission to pay. In a traditional sale, you can count on having 5 to 6% of the sales price deducted for commission.

Selling to a cash home buying company is a direct transaction between the seller and the buyer. There are no third parties involved, which means no waiting or extra costs to pay. If you anticipate problems selling your house, it’s worth it to look into the benefits of selling for cash.

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