If you’ve reached a certain stage in life, you might be thinking about downsizing. It’s a big decision to leave a home you’ve lived in and built memories in for many years. But the time comes when a smaller home might better suit your lifestyle. 

Empty Nester

Young families with children like to own big houses where there’s plenty of space for separate bedrooms, play areas, and adult needs. But once the kids have grown up and left the nest for good, it might be the right time to downsize. You no longer need the extra square footage.

With a smaller home, you can still have a guest room and a gathering area when your kids are home for the holidays, perhaps with grandchildren. But you will no longer have the upkeep and costs associated with a large house and yard.

Too Much House to Clean

Be honest with yourself about how many rooms you are actually using these days. If you’re like most mature homeowners, it might only be a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bath. Yet, you have to clean every room regularly, even if you’re not using them every day.

This becomes a bigger concern if you have a multi-story home. Your knees can take a beating if you have to climb up and down stairs several times, lugging a vacuum cleaner or a basket of laundry. A smaller, one-story home may be better.

Live Your Retirement Dream

Retirement is a time for living your dream, not mowing the lawn. Whatever your idea for retirement— moving to a warmer climate, traveling the world, or taking up a new hobby—you don’t want to be saddled with the responsibilities and expense of keeping up a big house. 

Selling your house and downsizing to a new home can be the first step in enjoying your retirement years. You’ll have the freedom to do what you want and more money in your budget to do it.

If you’re considering downsizing, it’s the perfect time for you to sell your home. Often, a quick cash sale is the right choice since cash home buying companies don’t require repairs and you can close in 30 days. You can soon start building new memories in your new home.

If you’re ready to downsize in the Spokane area, click here to learn how a quick cash home sale can benefit you. 



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