Cash buying companies are relative newcomers to the world of home sales, so many are unfamiliar with what exactly they do. In short, they directly pay homeowners for their homes.  Cash buyers fill a niche that the traditional home selling process tends to overlook.

Specialize in Quick Sales

Selling a home for cash is not for everyone, but people in certain circumstances appreciate being able to sell their property quickly and without a lot of red tape. These may include homeowners who need to move right away, people who have inherited a house, or those who are facing a foreclosure. 

Whatever the reason, if you want to sell your home without going through the process of staging your home, dealing with showings, and waiting for an offer, a cash home buyer can be an alternative. They can make an offer within 24 hours and close within 7 days, or at the homeowner’s convenience. 

Don’t Require Repairs

Cash buyers will purchase a home “as is,” in its present condition, without requiring the homeowner to make repairs or fix it up. This appeals to many people who don’t have cash on hand to pay for costly repairs or don’t want to put the work into sprucing up their home for sale.

The cash buyer makes an offer based on the potential value of your home as a whole. While the condition of your home is taken into consideration, the buyer also factors in selling points like the location and comparable homes in your area. There are also no commissions or closing costs charged.

Revitalize Homes for Resale

After buying a home, the cash buyer will make any repairs and updates necessary and resell the property. In many cases, the homes are quite rundown and need major renovation. Once the house is revitalized, it can be resold for a profit.

A few cash buyers may keep some properties for rental income. In essence, they are property investors: with quick sales and cash buys, they invest time and money into homes that need a little attention.

Traditional home sales agents are intermediaries between the buyer and seller. In contrast, a cash buyer serves an important role by providing a direct cash purchase of your home. It’s fast, it’s easy, and there are no costs to you.

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