After an individual passes away, their home and other assets go into a process called probate. This allows the individual’s estate to be distributed amongst any heirs and any final debts to be paid. One of these assets is their home. The following are the most common outcomes for a house in probate.

Direct Transfer to an Heir

Usually, when an individual passes away, they leave behind a final will and testament stating how they’d like their estate to be divided up amongst their heirs. One of the assets that is typically mentioned in this document is the individual’s home. If the decedent leaves behind a will, they will often designate a specific individual to whom the home should be transferred. If this is the case, the probate courts will directly transfer the home into this heir’s possession. Once this is completed, the heir can decide whether or not they sell the property or keep it.

The Courts Will Decide

While individuals usually create a will before passing away, there are instances where the individual who passed away did not leave behind a will. In cases like these, probate courts are not able to immediately determine who the property should be left to. The executor of the estate will work with the probate court to determine to who the property should be transferred to. The results, however, are usually similar to what they would be if the decedent had left a will. Often, the individual’s surviving spouse, children, or next of kin are chosen to inherit the estate. 

The Executor Sells the Home

Sometimes, when the home is not left to an heir or the decedent did not leave a will, the executor will need to sell the home in probate. This usually occurs when the decedent was in a lot of debt before passing away. In cases like these, the property may need to be sold to pay off these debts and get the surviving relatives back on financial track. However, selling a house in probate can be quite a difficult task, especially because homes like this are often outdated and in need of major repairs. If the family is already in financial trouble, the cost of repairs may be too much to afford. Instead of worrying about how you’ll pay for these repairs, consider selling your home for cash to a homebuying company. These are companies that purchase homes in any condition to renovate and resell them. They will give you cash for your home, and get it sold in less than 30 days. 

When a home goes into probate, the mortgage can either be taken over by an heir or sold to cover any financial losses. Selling a home after the owner has passed away can be a difficult process that can bring added stress to a family during an already difficult time. Instead of dealing with the stresses of selling your home traditionally, sell it to a homebuying company for an easier overall experience.

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