For decades, most home sellers have chosen the traditional method of listing their home on the market. But recently, more homeowners are opting to sell directly to a cash home buying company. These sellers are motivated by the simplicity and speed of a cash sale.

They Want an “As-Is” Sale

Houses are sometimes often sold “as is” because the owners don’t want or can’t afford to make necessary repairs. The homeowner may be in financial stress, or the house may be an inherited property. When “as is” homes are listed on the market, they are usually slow to sell and may not bring a good selling price. Home buying companies don’t require sellers to make repairs. Their offer is based on the home’s potential, location, and other factors that will influence the resale of the home. 

They’re in a Hurry

Cash home sales can close within a week or so, and almost always within 30 days. This quick sale appeals to people who need to sell quickly because of financial pressures or a life change, such as a divorce or urgent need to relocate. Others need quick cash to avoid foreclosure. In a cash sale, many steps that slow down a conventional sale are eliminated. The house is not photographed or listed, and there are no showings or open houses.

They Want to Avoid the Hassle

Some people sell for cash because they don’t want to endure the inconvenience and hassle of a traditional sale. You have to prepare and stage the home, meet with an agent, fill out mounds of paperwork, and then be ready to show your home to prospective buyers on short notice.

With a cash sale, the process is simple. You contact the home buying company, and they return a no-obligation cash offer on your home within 24 hours. If you accept the cash offer, there’s nothing else to do but close the sale.

Homeowners who choose to sell to cash home buyers are usually looking for a quick sale without the expense and bother of a traditional sale. By cutting out the “middleman,” a direct sale to a home buying company can save time and money. For many people facing the stress of selling their home, a cash sale is just what they need.

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