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4 Ways To Sell a Fixer-Upper Property in Spokane

Ready to sell a Spokane fixer-upper property now? We’re here to help. If you’ve taken a sudden leap of faith into the adventurous fixer-upper business or find yourself burdened with a property that’s fallen into disrepair, it’s time to take action. We’ll cover 4 ways to sell a fixer-upper property. Traditional Listing It goes without


Read This Before You Sell Your House for Cash in Spokane!

Cash! It sounds great, especially when selling your house. Visions of your profits floating down on, as if it were raining money, may be running through your mind. Stop, take a moment to learn about the differences between random cash buyers off of the street, and quality professional home buyers. No matter the reason, once


5 Ways A Fast Sale Of Your Spokane House Will Benefit You

A fast sale of your house in Spokane to a direct buyer, offers a number of great benefits you won’t receive when listing your house on the local MLS. In this post, we offer 5 ways a fast sale of your house will benefit you from a financial standpoint! Ask any investor and they will


5 Things Homeowners Don’t Know About Selling Their Houses In Spokane

In our latest post, we discuss the things many homeowners don’t know about selling a house in Spokane. Find out what to expect before you list with a Spokane real estate agent! The process may not be what you expect! Do you want to sell your house in Spokane? If you are thinking about listing,


5 Ways Owning The Wrong Property Can Hurt You In Spokane

Owning the wrong property in Spokane can cost you time, money, and can be incredibly frustrating! The good news is that you can sell it quickly and easily no matter what condition it’s in. Learn more about what it’s costing you and how to sell it in our latest post! If you feel burdened by


4 Reasons Why It Pays To Avoid The MLS When Selling Your House In Spokane

There are many reasons why it pays to avoid the MLS when selling your house in Spokane. Find out if you should list or sell directly in our latest post! When it comes down to it, sellers have choices when selling their houses in Spokane. For some owners, a traditional property listing will work. However,


3 Things You Can Do If You Can’t Make Your Mortgage Payments in Spokane

Finding yourself facing new financial circumstances that are beyond your control? Do not bury your head in the sand! If foreclosure is looming on the horizon, you will want to take quick action in order to avoid the long term damage that this legal process can cause, both financially and emotionally. There are steps you


5 Things Sellers Need To Know About Real Estate Disclosures in Spokane

Anyone who’s spent time around real estate professionals will likely have heard the adage “disclose, disclose, disclose!” It’s worth your time to discover these 4 things sellers need to know about real estate disclosures in Spokane. Enjoyment One of the things buyers are expecting when they have purchased real estate is their right to the


5 Ways Baby Boomers Can Sell Their Homes in Spokane

Whether you’ve decided that you’re ready for a change or circumstances may be forcing you into the decision to sell your home, take a moment to familiarize yourself with these 5 ways baby boomers can sell their homes in Spokane. Traditional Listings Hiring a professional real estate agent to assist you in selling your home


5 Reasons You Should Consider A Cash Offer For My House in Spokane

When you are selling your home, it’s difficult to know just what financing options mean in terms of time, hurdles you may need to jump through, and a guarantee of the sale reaching fruition. There are a lot of factors involved in understanding what is best for your current situation. Getting a cash offer for


Can A House Be Sold While In Probate In Spokane Washington?

The answer to the often-asked question “Can a house be sold while it is in probate in Spokane Washington?” is “Yes.” But you must adhere carefully to your state’s pertinent rules and regulations. The probate court will monitor every step and all aspects of the sale, and if you’re the executor, you, too, must monitor


What Are the Tax Consequences When Selling a House Inherited in Spokane?

The tax consequences when selling a house inherited in Spokane can be hard to understand and untangle much of the time. The relevant laws may seem fairly simple at first glance, but they get complicated when you factor in all the legal conditions and nuances. The short version is that if you made gains, you’ll


Cash For Houses – How To Sell Your House Fast For Cash In Spokane?

It happens for all kinds of reasons: divorce, job layoff or relocation, or mortgage payments just becoming too much to handle. Whatever the reason, you are now in the position of needing to sell your house fast for cash in Spokane. You need, then, to market your house to people for whom buying a house



Chad is an awesome business man. He answered every question that I had and he was always there when I needed. He is a man of his word and is very honorable. I would recommend him to everyone who is wanting a hassle free sell.

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Working with Chad at Home Buyer LLC was easy from start to finish. Chad knows how to get things done and make the home selling/buying process easy for everyone involved. Chad is smart, efficient and hard working – I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell their home quickly.

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