What Should I Disclose to Investors About My House?

Are you thinking about selling your house? If so, you should sell your home to a real estate investor. You might get more cash for your house. On the other hand, there are several important issues you might need to disclose before you sell your house.

Disclose Any Recent Deaths in the Home

If someone died in the home recently, you need to let the real estate investor know. While the death may not have had anything to do with the house, such as someone passing away following a long illness, it is still crucial to know this detail. On the other hand, structural issues, mold, lead poisoning, and other causes are also fatal concerns you should disclose to a potential buyer. 

Disclose Any Major Repairs

If any major repairs need to be done on the house, let the real estate investor know what that includes. For example, there might have been a flood recently that damaged the floors. Or, there might be a roof leak that damaged the ceilings and walls. 

Disclose a Potential HOA Assessment

Finally, if the house is part of an HOA, let the real estate investor know if a major HOA assessment is coming. Perhaps the clubhouse burned down and needs to be rebuilt. Or, maybe the HOA is facing a significant lawsuit over an issue with the pool. If all owners face a special assessment, you need to disclose this to a potential buyer. 

Work with a Real Estate Investor

Ultimately, you need to disclose any significant issues you think may impact the value of the home. If you don’t share these issues, you could face legal problems down the road. Additionally, it helps everyone out in the long run and makes it easier to come up with a quick offer on your property. Work with a real estate investor if you want to get a cash offer as quickly as possible for your house.

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