Nevada / Lidgerwood

Shiloh Hills Elementary School serves students K-5 in the Spokane area. It is in the Mead School District and an entirely public elementary school. According to the Washington State Board of Education and the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), it is fully certified for education.

It serves the northern portion of the Nevada/Lidgerwood area. Classes regularly run from September to June, following the same calendar as the rest of the Mead School District.

Shiloh Hills Elementary School is located in the northern part of Nevada/Lidgerwood (505 E Stonewall Ave). That puts it about 15 minutes (or 5.5 miles) north of Gonzaga University. To get from the elementary school to the Easy Home Buyer’s location, follow these directions.

First, turn right onto E Stonewall Avenue and then left onto N Antietam Drive. Next, turn right onto E Thomas More Way. You will then turn left onto N Colton Street. Turn left into the parking lot, and Shiloh Hills Fellowship, located at 207 Lincoln Road, will be on your right.

Starting at Shiloh Hills Fellowship (207 Lincoln Road), go west toward N Colton Street. When you get there, turn left onto N Colton Street. Follow it until you get to Lincoln Road and take a right. Turn right when you get to N Nevada Street, and Royal Park Health and Rehabilitation, located at 7411 N Nevada Street, will be on your right.

Starting from Royal Park Health and Rehabilitation (7411 N Nevada St.), take N Nevada Street south toward E Cozza Drive. Next, turn right onto E Francis Avenue and follow about a half mile until you can turn left onto N Lidgerwood Street. Turn right into the parking lot at 5633 N Lidgerwood Street, and Providence Holy Family Hospital Emergency Room will be on your left.

From Providence Holy Family Hospital Emergency Room (5633 N Lidgerwood Street), turn right onto N Lidgerwood Street. Follow for about 0.2 miles and turn left onto E Rowan Avenue. Follow that for about a half mile and turn right onto N Nevada Street. Take N Nevada Street all the way to E Providence Avenue, and turn right. Your destination, 800 E Providence Avenue, Longfellow Elementary 1, will be on the left.

Starting at Longfellow Elementary 1 (800 E Providence Ave), head south on N Nevada St. Turn right onto e North Foothills Dr. Follow that for 0.7 miles and turn left onto N Division St. In half a mile, turn right onto W Indiana Ave. Take a left on N Monroe St. Your destination is on the left about a half-mile down the road.

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