Riverfront Park

Reasons to Visit Riverfront Park Spokane Washington

On the off chance that you’re in Downtown Spokane Washington and you’re searching for a spot to invest quality time with your family, Riverfront Park is the spot for you. It’s a 100-acre land park loaded up with a lot of attractions that will doubtlessly enthrall tourists of all ages. First opened on May 5, 1978, it’s home to the country’s second-largest urban waterfall that attracts over three million park-goers yearly. The Park is a mainstream family-accommodating sporting site to do fun and exciting outdoor activities like trekking or running through its long and thrilling centennial Trail, Gondola ride across the vast Stretch of Spokane river, or even just enjoying and appreciating its natural scenery. Spending some time outside surely would give you a ton of family-friendly activities and time to connect with nature.

Attractions worth seeing:

Centennial Trail
The Park’s 40-mile centennial trail ideal for running and strolling would certainly be pleasant since walking around would give you the time to appreciate the artworks and native American sculptures found across the entire park. You can even rent a bicycle to finish the trail faster. Inside the park, they even have a ton of restaurants, in the event that you and the family need to grab something to eat.

Spokane River
One of the best reasons to visit this park is seeing this enormous body of water being divided into three segments. The park gives you numerous areas to grasp the beauty and power of the river. You can even use the Gondola to further marvel at the river’s beauty from above. It will surely give you a sense of peace and will give you the distance you need from all the daily city stress.

U.S. Pavilion
Great Northern Railway Clocktower: A 155 feet tower built in the year 1902 was once part of the critical railroad systems that offered new development opportunities to cities and boosted the growing industrial revolution. They have left the Clocktower as a symbol to its onlookers of what Spokane has achieved through its vast railroad networks.

Looff Carrousel
The antique carousel is another must-see attraction. For generations, what makes this ride so special is its antique carousel built in the year 1909. The wooden animals that are displayed are all hand-carved wooden pieces of well-preserved art known for their exquisite quality. There is even an antique piano that is open to be played by anyone who wishes to display their passion for music.

Other Attractions In the Park
Other sites worth mentioning are the two suspension bridges that give you a breathtaking view of the upper Falls. A natural amphitheater called the Lilac Bow where events take place. The interactive art piece called the Garbage goat. A free-to-use skating venue called The Numerica Skate Ribbon for those avid skating superstars. A unique and really bizarre playground containing the world’s biggest red flyer wagon called The Childhood Express. Providence Playscape is a unique playground that caters to the challenged individuals in order to provide a balanced play area. These attractions would certainly help make recollections that would endure forever for you and your family.

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