If you think you’ll have trouble selling your house in a slow market, think again. You don’t even need a realtor to sell, especially if you are looking for fast cash. When you’re selling your home, you hold the keys to the kingdom and can make all the hard decisions. Were here to help you get through the anxiety and worry with a fair, no-obligation quote that helps move the sale along without a second thought.

The team at The Easy Home Buyer wants to buy your home, regardless of the condition, and our offer is real. We purchase houses all throughout Spokane, Washington, giving people incentive to move quickly. It’s very easy when you don’t have to worry about repairs, closing costs, or anything else associated with prepping the home. We take the middle-man out of the equation, giving you the freedom to start planning your next move.

It doesn’t matter whether our sellers are in a slow market or not because our goal is to help you get cash quickly. You’ll never have to worry about whether the house will sell, staging the home, or anything. Your incentive is in knowing you’ll be able to walk away with a nice check that has your name on it.

Ready to get started? Give our team a call, and we’ll get the ball rolling. You can have your money in as little as seven days to move forward and do what you need. We’re ready to put your closing on the schedule. Let’s get it done!

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