Spokane Falls Community College

Spokane Falls Community College is a community college located in Spokane, Washington. The college is a member of the Community Colleges of Spokane. Founded in 1967, the college serves a diverse range of students in the region and out of state. Spokane Falls Community College offers several two-year degree programs, which provide students with an associate’s degree. Many students continue to a local university to earn a four-year degree (bachelor’s degree). Some students transfer from Spokane Falls Community College to a four-year degree program before finishing their two-year degrees. Overall, two out of every three students transfer to a four-year program to complete their education.

The degree programs offered by Spokane Falls Community College cover a wide variety of subject areas. Some of the most popular degree programs teach students how to be an occupational therapy assistant, hearing instrument specialist, orthotic technician, prosthetic technician, and physical therapy assistant. The campus is also considered a major center for performing and visual arts. Some of the most popular program areas include graphic design, photography, fine art, music, and drama. The campus also puts out a number of performances throughout the year attended by members of the local community. 

Students at Spokane Falls Community College also have the opportunity to experience educational programs at other schools as well. The school has a strong relationship with Mukogawa Women’s University, which is a school that provides courses for students from Japan who come to the United States to study. 

Spokane Falls Community College competes in the Northwest Athletic Conference. Teams are shared with Spokane Community College. The team name is the Sasquatch, and the team colors are blue and gold. In total, the community college network fields 15 teams. Students can also work for the local newspaper, called The Communicator. 

SFCC remains one of the most popular educational institutions for local students once they complete high school. The school serves more than 8,500 students, with a growing student body during the past few years. The school is in an urban setting.

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