TEC at Bryant

TEC at Bryant, frequently shortened to Bryant or TEC (The Enrichment Cooperative), is the partnership program between local parents and the Spokane Public School System, which services Spokane, Washington. The cooperative was founded in 2002 and is designed to provide core and enrichment curriculum for students ranging from Kindergarten (K) through eighth grade. In addition, there are classes available for students in grades nine through 12 as well. A few examples of programs offered include Running Start and Skill Center.

TEC offers more than 200 courses at the Bryant Campus designed to augment local student learning. A few examples of disciplines students can take classes include music, self-defense, Spanish, math, science, reading, writing, social studies, and PE. There are also specialized classes offered in technology, drama, and art.

The curriculum offered at TEC is regularly reviewed to ensure the classes meet the Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) requirements by Washington State. Families who enroll in TEC will work closely with a certified teacher to ensure that the plans for each student are appropriate for their skill level and keep them on pace with their peers. This plan includes numerous elements, including curriculum, materials, and the metrics by which the student will be evaluated. The teacher monitors the learning plan throughout the year to make sure the student is meeting all appropriate developmental milestones.

The overall goal of TEC at Bryant is to make sure that students develop academic and problem-solving skills through rigorous learning experiences that will allow their talents to shine through. Classes focus on the real-life applications that students will learn, allowing each learner to place the lesson in an appropriate context. TEC recognizes that every student is different and gives parents the freedom to play an integral role in their children’s education while still making sure students adhere to the high standards put in place by the Spokane Public School system. Reviews of the schools show students can obtain a positive result in 2021.

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