The best time to sell your house is right now!

Real estate research firm ATTOM Data Solutions analyzed sales data on every house sold in the United States for 10 years. They found that sellers get an average of 9.6% over their appraised home value when they sell in June. Selling in May is almost as good, with an average 8.3% premium.

Can’t get your house on the market for sale in June this year?

Then we have more good news. Because of continuing low-interest rates and pent-up demand last year, experts predict houses will sell at a premium over appraised value through the summer — and probably through the rest of the year. But don’t wait too long. Great seller’s markets don’t last forever.

Why is this such a great time to sell your house?

There are two major reasons. One is that the pandemic last year didn’t drive home prices down as expected. It had the exact opposite effect as more people became homebodies and homebuyers. The other is that the Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates low for the foreseeable future, so buyers can pay for more expensive homes.

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