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Why Do We Do This? Simple – Because of Penny.

Have you ever been ankle deep in cat poop wondering if your vaccinations are up to date as your eyes are starting to water from the stench? No? What about staring at the beautiful starry sky….while standing in your kitchen? We have been in these scenarios, MANY TIMES – and much worse. It takes a serious drive to want to flip houses. We really owe our drive to Penny, the first person we were ever able to help.

Everyone remembers their firsts – first day on the job, first day of school, first kiss. The emotions of fear, excitement, enthusiasm. One of my favorite quotes is “People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel”.

I will never forget how Penny made me feel. Penny had been contemplating moving back home to Seattle because she was being forced from her job and had no family in the area. Then she found out her mom had tragically passed away. We got a text from Penny that she wanted to meet up. We talked forever, Penny was really struggling with not having family around and having to deal with her mother’s house now too.

We had a simple question for Penny. How can we help? Penny said she wanted to move back to Seattle in a couple of weeks, and wanted to leave basically everything in her house. When we asked how much she wanted for the house and her price actually worked for both of us.

I’ll never forget what happened next. I told Penny we could make that work and she ran over to me and gave me a hug. When she took a step back she was crying and said “You are such an answer to prayer”. I will never forget how Penny made me feel.

Let’s be honest – we aren’t a good fit for everyone. We might even tell you that on our first phone call or meeting, we’re very transparent. But we are looking for the Penny’s of the world. People who will BENEFIT from our services. People who’s lives can be greatly helped by what we do.

“I have been very blessed to work with Chad. He has been extremely helpful in the process of selling my home. I was going to move back to western Washington after my Mom died unexpectedly. He has been there for me every step of the way in this overwhelming process of trying to move with out any help. I recommend him highly.”


Now You Know Why – But How Did This Start?

You’re probably not going to believe this. But remember the true story about being ankle deep in cat poop? Well our humble beginnings actually have more to do with poop than you might think.

We actually started as a business in the area cleaning toilets. We owned Young’s Quality Cleaning. Chad and Bree Young started the company the month they got married because they wanted to work together. What started as a small dream quickly grew into a company with a dozen employees, and dozens of buildings being cleaned every single night.

After being blessed with a very successful janitorial company (highest rated in the area!!) Chad and Bree decided to start a family. I’ll spare you all the fun details but Cruz was born. At this point we were flipping houses, buying rentals and running a janitorial business.

Well fast forward about a year and we find out we are pregnant again – with TWINS. This caused a lot of introspection and planning (like you can plan for 3 kids in diapers?). After almost a decade of running our janitorial company and flipping houses, we decided to sell our janitorial company and focus solely on flipping houses.

Part of what drew us to janitorial was seeing the end product. You went into a building that was messy and when you were done, it was clean. That’s a huge draw of what brought us into flipping houses. We get to take these homes that typically need a lot of work and turn them into beautiful homes for families. But we feel we are having a larger impact on our community.

But What Got You Into This?

Grandpa Mike. Grandpa got us into this. Growing up I always admired my grandpa. He was a successful house flipper that used his freedom and resources to pastor multiple churches without taking a salary.

Many people talked with their grandparents growing up about the infamous uphill trek both ways to school, wearing ankle weights, walking backwards. Not us. Grandpa Mike enamored me with stories about houses he flipped in our area. A couple hundred of them. He was out of the game by the time I started buying houses, but he had planted a seed that had to bear fruit.

Working with Chad at Home Buyer LLC was easy from start to finish. Chad knows how to get things done and make the home selling/buying process easy for everyone involved. Chad is smart, efficient and hard working – I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell their home quickly.

-Jeff p

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Meet the Founders

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Chad Young was born and raised in the Coeur d’Alene area. His family has been here for over 100 years. As a prior Sergeant in the Army Reserves I love a challenge and personal growth. That coupled with my background in banking and finances, challenged me to start businesses.

Once I found my Trophy Wife we started out janitorial business. That was grown over the course of a decade and then sold so we could focus solely on house flipping. I am the proud papa of 2 stud muffin sons and my princess daughter. We are incredibly blessed to be involved in an amazing church, and take every opportunity we get to backpack to mountain lakes.

Bree Young moved up to Idaho when she was one. With parents wanting to seek a better life she put down roots. Bree attended the local rival high school to Chad and then pursued Bible College shortly before getting married. She is the proud mama of 3, one hell of a cook, and keeps life exciting with her Latin fire and passion. When she isn’t being wonder woman she loves to get her hands dirty on the flip houses. Demo is her specialty 🙂

What’s the Future Look Like?

Too Many Homes To Count. But We Do Have Big Plans.

Our goal is to flip over 1000 homes in our area. We hope to hit this goal within the next 10 years. There are a ton of homes here that need love. More importantly, there are a ton of people we can impact if we continue to do what we are doing.

Our area will get more beautiful, people’s lives will be drastically changed and we will be able to continue doing what we are passionate about. We are excited to keep growing our business and pouring into our team members. We believe this business is a gift that has been given to us to steward wisely.

Our Mission

To serve, value, and help people who want to simplify and expedite the home selling process.

Our Core Values

  • You Matter More – There is service, and then there is believing that people were created with intrinsic value. We have a simple belief, we were created to serve other people and view them as more important than ourselves.
  • Everyone Wins – Winning is fun. Winning for the right reasons is more fun. The only deals we do are Win-Win scenarios for both parties. If the solution doesn’t benefit both parties we will help you find other solutions. And we will create a Win-Win solution by helping you.
  • Extreme Ownership – We take this seriously. We embrace and celebrate our victories and own up to our mistakes and immediately correct them. We cherish the fact that we get to help people in our job. We will never lose sight of this responsibility.
  • Continual Improvement – The only thing guaranteed is change. We will adapt, respond and improve our processes and knowledge to always be at the forefront of this continually changing industry. We are subject matter experts and will always be.
  • Be a Blessing – Our team strives to be the people you love to be around that bring encouragement and speak life. We help and serve and believe we need to leave things better than where they started.

Our Commitment to You

You come first. We are subject matter experts on house flipping. We’ll ask a bunch of questions to get to know your unique scenario and we’ll let you know what options you have, and what all of those could possibly look like for you.

We are here to help solve your problem, if our solution works, fantastic. If not, we’ll gladly point you in the direction of other professionals in the real estate industry that can help.

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