Let’s face it, home repairs can get pretty pricey, especially if you have a picky buyer. Selling your house for cash can often save you from having to pay for and take care of home repairs. Here is some information on cash home sales to help you know what to anticipate.

Traditional Buyer Repairs

When you sell your home on the traditional housing market, you will always be required to do at least some repairs. Whether you’re repairing your home before you post listings and give home tours or whether you do repairs after the fact, your buyers will want your home to be in tip-top shape regardless. Traditional home buyers are buying a home to live in, and don’t want to make such a big purchase when they still have to do a lot of work to get the house to match their vision. Traditional buyer repairs can be especially expensive when they start to ask for renovations or add-ons such as energy-efficient appliance replacements or kitchen renovations. If you’re trying to sell your home without repairs, you should avoid the traditional housing market. 

Cash Buyer Repairs

Selling your home to an individual cash buyer might help you to sell your home as-is without repairs. Many cash buyers will purchase homes without requesting repairs because they’re planning on renovating the homes themselves after the sale is finished. Cash buyers often invest in homes, “flip” them, and use them as rental properties. They might also renovate your home to match a certain buyer’s vision and try to sell it for a profit. For this reason, many cash buyers will save you from spending time and money on repairs. However, certain cash buyers will have minimal repair requirements, so it is important to clarify this before accepting a cash offer. 

Home Buying Company Repairs

If you’re selling to a home buying company, it is much easier to sell your house without repairs. Home buying companies are a subset of cash buyers, and they always buy homes without repairs. Similar to individual cash buyers, they often rent or resell the homes they purchase after renovating them. However, these companies will always buy your house as-is, regardless of its condition. Even if you have an old-fashioned fixer-upper or a probate home, they’ll give you a great cash price for your property. 

So, if you’re interested in selling your house for cash, remember these helpful details. Some cash buyers will require you to do repairs on your property, but home buying companies will buy your property as-is. This is one of the reasons why cash home sales are easy, convenient, and rising in popularity.

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