The real estate market is one of those things that is ever-fluctuating, and even if you have a lot of experience, it can be difficult to predict. Each player in the market can have an effect on what happens. While you may be familiar with common players, have you considered the effects that a cash home buyer can have?

Buy Homes Quickly

Even in a hot market, it takes some time for a home to officially sell. While an offer may be accepted in a matter of days, there is still the closing process that takes up quite a bit of time. Realistically speaking, selling a home can take two to three months most of the time. For people on a tight deadline, this can be frustrating and make life very difficult. Cash home buyers provide the answer to this situation. Because there is no negotiation and the process of selling is much simpler, they can make an offer within 7 days and have the sale finalized in less than a month. They move, within reason, at the speed of the seller in their transactions.

Help Sellers in a Sticky Situation

It can be hard to sell a home that you need to get rid of, especially if it isn’t in good condition or you need to deal with a complicated situation. Cash home buyers offer a great alternative that allows sellers to get out of a sticky situation quickly. Because they buy homes as-is and perform the repairs themselves, this is a great way for a seller with a damaged home to sell their home without having to deal with months and months of sitting on the market. Cash home-buying companies are also a great option for people dealing with foreclosure or probate court who just want to get past the whole procedure.

Provide Cash Flow

In addition to negotiations, financing is one of the things that slow down the selling process the most, and it is the one thing that can mess up a sale more than anything else. Cash home-buying companies, as their name suggests, only ever buy homes with cash, which removes the need for financing. It also provides the home seller with the cash they need to purchase their next home or to pay off the remainder of their mortgage. Having cash flow in the real estate market can make it more competitive, and drives it to the advantage of all of the parties.

These effects make cash home buyers a valuable addition to the market. They provide more options that are needed and provide solutions that can be hard to find in a traditional sale, making them a disruptive player.

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