When you need to sell your house in a hurry, you might consider selling to a cash home buying company. These companies promise an easy process and a quick closing. It’s understandable if you’re skeptical about exactly how fast. Learning about the process can help you understand how these companies can close within just a week or so.

The Selling Process

First, the selling process is completely different from a traditional real estate sale. You don’t have to fix up your house or make repairs because the home buying company will purchase your home “as is” and take on the responsibility of making repairs as part of their business.

You don’t have to list your home or market it, either. There are no public showings or open houses. You just contact the cash home buying company and within 24 hours, you can have a cash offer on your home.

The Direct Sale

The cash home buying process is quick because it’s a direct sale between you, the homeowner, and the company. There are no sales agents or brokers and no other third parties such as inspectors or appraisers to deal with.

Most importantly, the cash home buying company doesn’t need to get financing to purchase your home. They already have the full amount they offered you. This speeds up the process because they don’t have to wait for loan approval.

The Closing Process

After accepting the offer, you can often close within a week, if you have made arrangements with your mortgage company to pay off any outstanding debt. It’s a fairly simple process. You just show up at the appointed time, sign the papers, turn over the keys, and walk away with the cash.

Since it’s a direct sale, no commission or other closing costs need to be deducted from your check. You will get the full amount you were offered for your home.

From start to finish, it’s possible to sell your home to a cash home buying business within about a week. In almost all cases, it takes no longer than 30 days. If you have a pressing need to sell or move, selling your home for cash is likely the fastest option available to you.

You can sell your Spokane area house quickly. Learn how the process works with a cash sale to the Easy Home Buyer.



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