A popular option when selling a home for cash is to work with a home buying company. A home buying company is a company that takes care of all the hassle involved in selling a home by purchasing yours as-is, for cash. If you are interested in selling to a home buying company, here is what you can expect from the process.

Initial Communications

The very first step you will be expected to take when working with a home buying company is to reach out to the company of your choice. Once you reach out to one of the company’s representatives, they should get back with you quickly and request information about your home. And when they have the information they need, they will schedule a time when one of their experts can come to your home and assess it.

Deal Formulation

The next step is a home assessment. As previously mentioned, your home buying company will send someone to go look at your home and assess its condition. But no need to clean or prepare—home buying companies are accustomed to working with damaged, unclean, or even unlivable properties. The company will then take this information, research the value of similar homes in your area, and then produce an asking price. You can either take the deal or reject it—it is always your choice, no obligations.

Closing the Deal

Once a deal has been made, it is time to initiate the closing process. Fortunately for you, there isn’t much you have to worry about. The home buying company will take care of most of the busy work and finalize things with the title company. Once everything is ready and you have reached your agreed upon closing date, you will then be expected to come into the office to sign paperwork. And the second that the closing process is finished, you will have your cash!

One of the great things about working with a home buying company is that there is no need to wait around for negotiations, repairs, or financing. Furthermore, most sellers don’t have to worry about closing costs, commissions, or other extra fees. The process is quick and fair, and it will always leave you with the cash you need by the end.

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