Certainly not (and we promise not to tell our painter we borrowed his phrase). There are two key reasons why we won’t lowball you. Firstly, it conflicts with our fundamental ethos of serving and assisting you. Secondly, you know the saying about running a business like a business to avoid going bust? If we were to deceive homeowners and provide lowball offers, we’d only manage to flip a few homes annually.

With a business model that focuses on volume, we purchase around 50 properties each year. Therefore, it is mutually beneficial to provide a fair offer that results in a win-win situation. We then apply the same approach with the next homeowner.

We won’t mislead you by claiming we can offer the full market value for your property. Unfortunately, no one can make such an offer and still turn a profit. However, thanks to our lean, efficient operations and established reputation, our proven methodology allows us to make higher offers than nearly any other similar firm.