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1002, 2023

What is a Short Sale and Why Do People Want One?

While it isn’t the most common real estate term, you may have heard of a short sale, especially when the real estate market is struggling. Short sales are not something you would normally pursue, but it is important to understand their role in selling a home and what they can do to help people who are struggling. Defining a Short ...

302, 2023

How the State of Your Home Affects the Value

The market value of your home is an important financial figure for you to keep track of. While the government assigns a rate that they use for taxes based on home value, the market value is highly dependent on what people think of your home. When it comes to perception, having your home in good repair and looking pristine can ...

2401, 2023

How Can I Simplify Selling My Home?

No matter how many times you have bought or sold a home, you may find yourself overwhelmed by how complicated it can get. It is stressful and takes up a lot of your time to sell a home. Simplicity is really what you want, and luckily, there are ways you can achieve that. Cut Down on Negotiations One of the ...

2001, 2023

3 Simple Ways to Save Money When Selling Your Home

The reasons that people sell their homes vary depending on their circumstances, but one thing that every seller has in common is that they want to maximize the amount of money that they make on the sale. If you are getting ready to sell your home, one way you can do that is by limiting the money that you spend ...

1301, 2023

Why Do Cash Home Buyers Move So Quickly?

In a world where the full process of selling a home can take two to three months, the quick turnaround times that come with selling your home to a cash home-buyer can be confusing and can raise questions about how they are able to move so quickly. While the process is similar on the surface, there are some things that ...

1101, 2023

How Do Cash Home Buyers Affect the Market?

The real estate market is one of those things that is ever-fluctuating, and even if you have a lot of experience, it can be difficult to predict. Each player in the market can have an effect on what happens. While you may be familiar with common players, have you considered the effects that a cash home buyer can have? Buy ...

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